By Larry Weishuhn Experience is sometimes a harsh teacher. One August morning I promised to my parents I would be home by breakfast to start my chores of feeding our animals before it got too hot. I ran to woods behind our home and was watching a [...]

Shinnery Bucks

By Larry Weishuhn An icy north wind, blocked by the blind we were in, accentuated the unseasonal 8-degree morning temperature.  I was thankful I was “layered up” with Sitka Gear. “Gotta feeling the deer are not going to start moving until after sun up.” I commented [...]

Pronghorn Pursuit

“Our true North American plains game and a huge wildlife management success story, thanks to the hunter/conservationist!” I replied to a question about pronghorn antelope sitting Jim Zumbo’s Wapiti, Wyoming home enjoying a delicious meal prepared from a pronghorn venison.  All at the table raised high [...]

In the Beginning

By Larry Weishuhn “What’s the most important thing wildlife managers do when it comes to whitetail deer and habitat?” I repeated the asked question, then continued. “The answer is neither simple nor quick. Habitat is paramount. It refers to food, water and cover for resting and escape. [...]