I am extremely proud to be associated with those companies and services that sponsor my “DSC’s TRAILING THE HUNTER’S MOON! These are companies whose products and services I value, use and have used for many years, not simply because they are “sponsors”! One of the advantages of having long been involved in this business is I’ve had the opportunity to sort through the rest and connected with the Best!

Dallas Safari Club – “The finest and best conservation, hunting, education and hunting advocacy organization in the world!” is exactly how I feel about DSC. To which I will add, “If you are not already a member and you love the outdoor lifestyle, you need to be a member! Join today!” DSC is a world-wide organization. DSC has granted millions of dollars to causes we as hunters and loves of wildlife hold dear. Too, DS is staffed almost entirely by volunteers. The annual convention is the BEST in the world and the one “must attend event”. I strongly suggest you become a DSC member and become involved!

Ruger – I’ve owned and hunted with Ruger firearms since the 1970’s! I dearly love hunting with their Model 77 bolt action rifle, Number 1 single-shots and RedHawk and Blackhawk revolver. These days I shoot Ruger guns exclusively. And I do own numerous of Ruger’s non-hunting guns as well. I dearly appreciate and love the fact that ALL Ruger firearms are made entirely here in the good ol’ USA! Ruger’s guns are made by people who shoot and hunt, from the CEO and President down to those who make certain the facilities are kept clean. The name Ruger implies and delivers quality in firearms. Ingredient 1 in my “combination of confidence”!

Hornady – Over the years I’ve used a wide variety of ammunition, but even back when I always had one brand of ammo that was my “go to ammo” when I need accuracy and down range, terminal performance… Hornady! I hunt almost exclusively with rifle and handgun, including big bore for dangerous game, but also medium calibers for deer sized animals, and hunt with revolvers as well. What I like most about Hornady is every ammo or bullet from Hornady shoots accurately in my Ruger guns and quickly and humanely takes down the animals I shoot! Ingredient 2 in my “combination of confidence”!

Zeiss Sports Optics – For many years I was a staff writer with such publications as Shooting Times and others. During those years I had the opportunity to field test a lot of different hunting optics; scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes. The one brand that never let me down back then, as now is Zeiss! I know Zeiss hunting optics will help me see when others might fail. My “show” and personal hunting guns wear Zeiss scopes. I’ve come to rely totally on Zeiss Sports optics and for good reason! Ingredient 3 of my combination of confidence”!

The Wildlife Gallery – When it comes to taxidermy, I’m a perfectionist! Because of my background, going back to the years when I was a wildlife disease specialist and “took apart” a tremendous number of animals, as well as studied the behavior of many animals I got up close first hand experience. As a result I look very critically at taxidermy and too as a result I appreciate taxidermy that is not only anatomically correct but also correct in poses, based on watching animal in the wild. Because of this I can say with some authority…there is no finer taxidermy, no finer taxidermist than found at The Wildlife Gallery! If the Wildlife Gallery is not already mounting your animals and memories, they should be!

Nature Blinds – “That looks exactly like a tree!” That’s right Nature Blinds do exactly look like a tree, a huge tree stump. And because it does wildlife doesn’t pay any attention to Nature Blinds. From the day you put it in your hunting area, wildlife accepts the Tree Blind as having always been there! Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, Nature Blinds’ Tree Blind is THE PERFECT hunting blind, not matter where you hunt! Nature Blinds also produces my “Larry Weishuhn Signature Stalking Shield” which I developed over several years. I’ve gotten unbelievably close to animals using the Stalking Shield! Nature Blinds too is Texas based company and made totally in the USA by those those who indeed do hunt!

Convergent Hunting Solutions – Blake and I have long hunted predators with a wide variety of mouth blown and electronic call. Now there’s only one we use and take with us on our varied big game hunts, Convervegent Hunting Solutions’ Bullet HP. It’s the easiest and best electronic game call we’ve ever used!
Works right off of your phone using Bluetooth. Comes complete with an attractant decoy. It’s the one game call unit that does it all in one package. And it’s made totally made in the USA.

Boyt Harness – Traveling these days requires tough bags and gun cases. But I also want bags and gun cases that look good and are functional. That’s why I personally use and encourage others to use Boyt bags and case. Boyt Harness has bags, gun cases, soft cases for guns, clothing and apparel (from Bug Suits to Safari jackets and vest, which I dearly love), as well as other necessities. And Boyt now to has other “brands” as Outdoor Connection (slings), Bob Allen, and others you have long used and trusted.

SAAM – Sportsman All Weather All Terrain Marksmanship, or SAAM for short, is THE FINEST hunter/shooter training program in the world. Bar none! Courses are taught by former military and occasionally active duty snipers and sniper instructors on the famed FTW Ranch located in the southern Texas Hill Country. Courses include various programs from Precision shooting all the way to Safari, complete with charging life-sized targets. The FTW owned by Tim Fallon and family is essentially 12,000 acres of rifle ranges, but the ranch is also a hunting ranch and has some of the finest whitetails as well as exotics species which can no longer be hunted in some of their native lands. I can’t imagine going on the hunt of a lifetime without first going through one of the SAAM courses. I shoot a lot and every time I go through one of the SAAM courses I learn even more!

Real Rattling Forks Logo

Rattling Forks – There is no doubt attracting bucks by making the sound of two bucks fighting is the most exciting way to hunt the wily whitetail! It’s certainly my favorite way to hunt them. But, finding two massive antlers with which you can make a little noise or a whole lot of noise isn’t easy! Steven Ray, a serious whitetail rattling aficionado and the innovator and designer of Rattling Forks has solved that problem.

Global Rescue – I travel a fair amount throughout North America and also to such far off places as Asia, Australia, the Africa’s Caprivi Strip in Namibia as well as truly remote places as Benin and Burkina Faso, the arid mountains of Mexico and many points in between. Frankly I cannot imagine crawling on a plane to fly to a distant land in search of adventure without a membership in Global Rescue. My Global Rescue card truly is the “card I don’t leave home without!” I know no matter where I am, if there is a medical emergency that requires being “extracted” Global Rescue will come get me in a hurry!. With the changing world “climates”, Global Rescue also offers a service to extract you out of “sticky situations”. Again, don’t leave home without being a member of Global Rescue!

Other Organizations and Companies, although not sponsors, whose products and services I appreciate!

Travel with Guns – Throughout the year I travel and fly a lot both to hunts both here in North America and abroad for TV shows, doing personal appearances and working various events. There is only one company I trust to book my flights wherever I go…even though I primarily whenever possible fly on Delta! Travel with Guns is that company. I rely on them to get me to and from places, even when there are problems with flights, Steve Turner and his San Antonio based group to take care of me. I know they’ll do the same for you!

National Rifle Association – I cannot imagine the current USA without the NRA. If you truly love your American way of life and the privileges we enjoy when it comes to the guns and the outdoors, you had better be a NRA member! I AM a LIFE MEMBER and I AM the NRA!

Wild Sheep Foundation – Years ago I was invovled with desert bighorn sheep research in Texas and I’ve long supported the wild sheep organization and their belief in “Putting sheep back on the mountatin!”. I am proudly a Life Member!

Mule Deer Foundation – I started hunting mule deer the year I graduated from Texas A&M Universtiy. Mule deer across North America need your help. MDF is one of those ways you can help.

Texas Wildlife Association – I was one of the three co-founders of the Texas Wildlife Association, which has thankfully evolved into one of the finest organizations in the USA, and particularly Texas when it comes to hunting heritage and landowner rights. I could not be more
proud of TWA!

Trinity Oaks – I am extremely proud to be a spokesperson for Trinity Oaks, a 501(c) nonprofit organization that is comprised of volunteers who take wounded warriors hunting and fishing, takes critically ill children hunting and fishing, offers a multi bedroom home, Paige’s Place, right on the water’s edge on the Texas coast which is available free of charge to any faith based organization and too each year they provide more than 80,000 pounds of processed venison to those in need!

Russell Moccasin – I started wearing Russell Moccasin hunting boots, years ago when I traded a huge Carmen Mountains whitetail skull on a hunt in the Chaniti Mountains in western Texas. The hunting boots I was weraing at the time, simply came apart due to rough use. I traded the skull to Stan Slaten the then outdoor writer for the Houston Post newspaper. Thankfully he had a spare pair of Russells that fit me. I’ve been wearing their boots and dress boots ever since. Recently they released a a boot I helped design, “The Longhunter” boot, tall rugged and tough boots like I enjoy and love to wear!