Outfitters, Guides and Professional Hunters

Hunting is a way of life for me. I’ve done a lot of hunting on my own, and have also in the past served as a guide and outfitter Too, I’ve hunted with a lot of different outfitters, guides and Professional Hunters throughout the world. I’ve been fortune that I’ve hunted the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the islands of New Zealand and Australia.


Those hunt operators listed below are some of the very best I’ve encountered in a lifetime (thus far) of hunting. Too those mentioned below are outfits with which I have recently hunted and/or continue to hunt with each year.

omujeve hunting safaris
Omujeve Hunting Safaris – I’ve hunted throughout Namibia with Corne and Nic Kruger’s Omujeve Safaris, from the lower portions of Namibia’s lower deserts for plains game to their camps in the mysterious and exotic Caprivi Strip for dangerous game. Omujeve’s PH are as knowledgable as they come, pleasant to be around even when the hours are long. They too have great food, great vehicles, extremely comfortable camps and great animals including everything from dik dik to elephants. I’ve hunted with Omujeve several times for plains and dangerous game. The good Lord willing I’ll continue returning to Namibia with Omujeve for a long time to come!

frikkie du toit safaris
Frikkie du Toit Safaris – While Frikkie and his family call the Kalahari Desert home in northwestern South Africa, he hunts not only there but several areas throughout and countries throughout Africa. Recently he picked up a new area near Kruger National Park that is producing huge buffalo, elephants and plains game. Frikkie also hunts lions and to some extent specializes in big cats. I was hunting with Frikkie when I shot my lion, and also a 59 1/2 inch kudu, the closest I’ve come thus far to taking a 60 incher on of my hunting goals! I’ve hunted with Frikkie several times, and I will hunt with him again in the future!

The Global Sportsman
The Global Sportsman – Patty and Bob Curnutte – These booking agents based in San Antonio, Texas, besides being friends, have set up some most interesting adventures for Tim Fallon, my hunting partner (with the FTW Ranch and SAAM) to “unique destinations” such as Benin and Burkina Faso in northwestern Africa. Patty and Bob deal with some of the outfits and professional hunters not only in northwest Africa but also other destinations around the world. Every hunt they’ve set up for me has not only been as good as I expected, they were better!

triple c outfitters
Triple C Outfitters – I’ve hunted Alaska several times and with numerous outfitters from north and west of Kotzebue to the the peninsula to the southern tip of the great state. Everyone of the hunts I’ve done in Alaska have been great fun, and for the most part successful in taking game, save for one. Last year I booked a hunt with Clifford Smith, owner of Triple C Outfitters. I was impressed with his attitude, his hunting area, his equipment, and his guides. We hunted hard and in the waning moments of the hunt I shot my grizzly. But even if I had not, it would still have been a very successful hunt. I’ll continue hunting with Clifford and his Triple C Outfitters in Alaska for as long as I can.

Sonira Dark Horn Adventrues
Sonora Dark Horn Adventures – One of my favorite hunting destinations is the high desert of Sonora, Mexico. It was here, hunting with Sonora Dark Horn Adventures that I took my desert bighorn sheep, good mule deer and some great Coues whitetail, again one of my favorite big game animals. Good and knowledgable guides, good equipment, good food and great hunting areas, are some of the reasons I keep going back with this outfit!

Hickory Ridge Ranch
Hickory Ridge Ranch – Oklahoma is a sleeper state then it comes to whitetail. I’ve hunted several regions of our Texas neighbor to the north and have taken some really good whitetail bucks. One of the more fun hunts I’ve experienced in Oklahoma is with Hickory Ridge Ranch, which belongs to my long-time friend Denver McCormick. Hickory Ridge has two properties to hunt. Both are excellent for whitetails! HRR has great facilities, guides, animals and the food is superb!

Bill Whitfield Hunts
Bill Whitfield Hunts – Bill and I go back many years, as hunting partners and also as partners in hunting operations. These days Bill primarily outfits and guides on one ranch, the Rockjack Ranch in northern Texas. The Rockjack is a large high fenced operation, with a reasonable whitetail population. While I have fished the ranch (it has some of the finest largemouth bass fishing in the country), I’ve not hunted it, since I quit hunting high fences for whitetails a few years ago. Still I know the ranch, and it is about a fair chase as they come. The deer on the Rockjack never realize there is a perimeter fence, they are truly wild!

In the future as I hunt with other operations, I’ll be adding those I can personally highly recommend.