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As a youngster I was enthralled with the Tarzan movies. That said, there are many these days who likely have no idea who Tarzan is, or I suspect I should say was. Those who don’t know about Tarzan are probably quite savvy with Googling subjects, so I would suggest you type in “Tarzan” and find out.   Suffice it to say here Tarzan lived in the “wilds” of Africa.


Those Tarzan movies were for the most part filmed here in the states. Interestingly Indian elephants were used in the films complete with larger tied on cardboard ears, made to look like African elephants (if you don’t know, Indian elephants have much smaller ears than do African elephants). Sometimes there were also fallow deer shown in the old Tarzan movies. Fallow deer were not originally from Africa but Europe instead. But sometimes too, Tarzan movies contained footage acquired in East Africa and featured black rhinos, crocodiles and other true African animals. From doing a fair amount of reading about Africa as as child, I had a pretty good idea in what was real Africa and what wasn’t.

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We’ve “traveled” a long way when it comes to deer management, be it quality deer management, trophy management or simply trying to keep deer populations in tune with what the habitat can sustain on a daily basis without having an adverse effect.


I even remember a time when the taking of does was taboo throughout much of the whitetail deer’s range. It wasn’t that many years ago.


As we progressed in deer management we’ve also come up with such terms as “management buck” to describe certain bucks within the herds. But what exactly is a “management buck”?

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What’s in your day pack or hunting bag wherever you go?


I can tell you there is one thing that’s in mine no matter where I travel to hunt, this of course, beyond numerous other essentials for having a good day, no matter what is thrown at us weather or circumstances wise. Want to guess? It’s fairly small but can turn a mediocre day afield into a great one with just a little effort. I’ve carried one and sometimes two with me from above the Arctic circle to the southern tip of Africa.


Got it “figured out”? I suspect I’m not alone in carrying one with me. Well, either by now you’re out of guesses are you’ve correctly identified what I’m talking about. A “varmint call”!

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