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In many ways as someone who enamored with whitetail deer, early summer is the most boring time of the year. Yes, fawns are cute and admittedly extremely important. Bucks have lost their antlers so they all pretty much look the same. Thankfully the are starting to grow them once again, but they’re not yet far enough along to really make them interesting yet. Hunting for shed antlers continues, but I’ve found those I’ve been looking for. However I am always looking for sheds from bucks I did not see previously.


Where I live and occasionally hunt in Texas our range conditions are as good as I’ve seen in quite a few years. Based on some of the bucks that were passed on last year, there will be numerous bucks with age this year. That too is pretty well what I’ve been hearing about other places I plan on hunting whitetails later this fall.

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“Here’s to you sir!” I raised the spent case to honor the shooter, who had just ejected it from his Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor rifle, “Fifteen hundred yards! Nice!”


For the past couple of hours we had slowly been “working” our way out to that distance, having started at 100 yards, where three shots had practically gone into the same hole using Hornady 129 grain SST. Knowing the rifle, Zeiss Conquest with external turrets scope, ammo were capable of such accuracy at 100 yards is the start for shooting long range targets, paper and steel.

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As my client and I started toward the mouth of the canyon I wanted to hunt that day it looked like the full moon would sink into the western horizon about the same time the sun would be coming up. Shining my flashlight to the base of oak, I motioned for the client to sit down. He did. As I sat down beside him, I whispered we would stay here for a while. I knew we were just above the opening of the canyon. Below us two trails converged, one lead to a food plot and the other toward the primary water hole for the area. I also knew along either side of the two trails were numerous rubs on trees, trees upwards of 10 to 14 inches in diameter. There too, were active scrapes, still active after almost two months worth of visitations by a great variety of bucks.

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