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“Whatcha shooting?”


“Ruger Number 1 in .300 H&H Magnum using Hornady’s 180 grain InterBond ammo.”


“Whatdaya hunting?”


“Blackbuck antelope and possibly Axis deer if I run in to an old buck with extremely long main beams. The property Blake Barnett and I are hunting is low fence and based on what our friend who invited us to come hunt with him has told us, there’s no telling what we might encounter.” I responded picking up the Ruger single-shot and what was left of the box of Hornady ammo. I had just sighted in my .300 H&H Mag at 50 yards in anticipation of relatively close range shooting where we’d be hunting. But I also knew sighted in at 50 yards I had a “hunter zero” out to nearly 200 yards, where the bullet would not rise above or fall below 3-inches of a straight line. I had proved it before leaving one of the SAAM ranges at the FTW Ranch. So sighted in I did not have to worry about “cranking up” the turret on my Zeiss Conquest scope, unless shooting beyond 200 yards. If that became the case there would likely be plenty of time to consult the range card Tim Fallon had made for me, and make the proper sighting adjustments. Out to 200 yards I could hold dead on and know I could place my bullet easily within a blackbuck or Axis deer’s vitals.

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“You ready?” I asked glancing over my right shoulder at the cameraman. He nodded an affirmative. I brought the two big double forked mule deer shed antlers together with a loud crack, followed immediately by meshing the tine together in a grinding manner. Three seconds later I caught movement running through the mesquite and cactus coming directly toward us. I kept rattling. I could see two bucks, including a very massive ten point, the other only a bit smaller racked. The smaller of the two sailed over a clump of prickly pear and landed about five yards in front of us. The bigger of the two tried to skirt around the cactus at a full run, lost his footing, fell on his side and nearly skidded into the shooting sticks I had set up right in front of me!   Trying to regain his feet he kicked dirt and grass all over me.

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Immediately George set the tripod shooting sticks, adjusted to my height earlier. I stepped behind the sticks and rested my rifle. Corne Kruger, my PH, readied to watch exactly where my shot would go, but also readied in case a follow up shot was needed.

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