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“That Ruger FTW Hunter of yours really does like Hornady 250-grain GMX, doesn’t it!” commented Tim Fallon when I showed him two targets I had shot at the Lodge range with my .375 Ruger a few minutes before.


“Yes Sir! Three shot essentially into the same hole at 50 yards and basically the same at 100. That impresses me! From the range card you did for me, sighted dead on at 50 yards it’s dead on again at 200 yards and only 3-inches low at 250. I trued it to that at the 200 and 250-yard steel plates. At the latter I shot 3-inches low with a dead center hold. And I noticed on the range card that with the Trijicon 4-15X scope you mounted on the rifle for me, at 750 yards, I simply hold on target the tenth line down from the primary center crosshair. I have not trued at that distance, but next time I come to the ranch, I want to try to do exactly that. Not that I would ever shoot at a critter at that distance. But, I do admit shooting at steel plates that far with what most hunters consider an “elephant gun” is great fun.” I responded.

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“Larry it’s been a couple of years since you visited Oak Creek. Would love to have you come hunt with us again.” As Donald Hill owner of Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, located in central Missouri, spoke my mind drifted to years past and some of the absolute monster whitetail bucks I had taken hunting with Donald. All of those bucks had been taken with handguns, save one which I shot with a rifle. “Would love to have you come in early to mid-November just about the time the rut starts. Be a good time to rattle up some bucks, could be fun….”


When he mentioned rattling, I was hooked!

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“It’s time!” said my hunting partner, Blake Barnett, who also serves as the co-host and producer of my television show.


I cast a questioning glance. “Time? Time for what? I’ve pretty well figured out what Ruger guns I’m using this fall and have them sighted in. I’ve got sufficient Hornady ammo to make it through the season and if I don’t I know where I can buy more. Not only that, I have had Travel with Guns book any flights. Got my Drake clothing packed for the first three hunts. Plus, I know exactly what licenses and permits I’m going to need this fall and have gotten most of them already. Now I’m just waiting for those hunts! So what do you mean it’s time?”

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